Is Your Home Ready for Company This Holiday?

Holidays in Austin

Once the Thanksgiving turkey has cooled, the holiday season will be in full gear—fighting crowds to shop for gifts for friends and family, big meals to celebrate the season, and, if you’re like most people, you’ll have friends and loved ones coming to visit, sometimes just for a few hours, but sometimes overnight. So, is your house ready for company? In addition to making sure your kitchen is well-stocked with Egg Nog and Christmas cookies, there are other things you should do to make sure you and your guests will be comfortable throughout the season.

 1. Clean Up and Clear Out Your Entertaining Spaces

Now is a great time to get rid of the clutter in your prime entertaining spaces—your living room, dining room, and kitchen. All those magazines and catalogues you’ve been storing under the coffee table for the last 11 months? Pitch them (or, use them for guest reading material—see tip #3.) Those candles that have pretty much been burned down that are just hanging out on your dining room table? Time to go. Get rid of expired coupons you stuck on your fridge last summer. And speaking of your fridge—now is a good time to go through and pitch any expired foods and give the shelves a good cleaning. When your houseguests sneak downstairs for a midnight snack, they’ll be greeted with a sparkling clean fridge.

2. Give Your Plumbing System a Check Up

Your plumbing system will get a workout this holiday, with guests coming over and sometimes staying for the duration of the holidays. The pipes in your kitchen will likely get a workout as well with all the meals you’ll be making and all the post-feasting clean up. Thus, it’s no wonder that plumbing companies tend to get an increased volume of service calls during the holidays. Clogged sinks can wreak havoc on your entire plumbing system, so have a plumbing company come out and inspect your system and fix any lingering problems before you head into the thick of the holiday season.

3. Make Sure Your Guest Digs are Comfy

Check out the mattress in your guest room—is it as comfy as possible? It might be time to get a pillow top to make sure it’ll provide maximum comfort for your guests. Also, make sure you leave several blankets and pillows in there to give your guests plenty of comfortable options.

Additionally, little details can make your guest’s stay even more comfortable. For example, you can print and frame your home’s Wi-Fi code and place it in an easily noticeable place, like the bedside table. You can also provide some extra charging cords or a USB adapter for your guest’s phones and other electronics. Finally, consider providing a little basket of travel-size toiletries, available just in case they forget something. You can even take those magazines from your coffee table (see tip #1) and place them in a basket for your guests to read.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to being the holiday host with the most.

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